2018 Rehoboth Summer Children's Theatre Shows

Two actors play all the characters in these fun-filled productions. With clever staging, lightning-quick costume changes and a lively sense of humor, the fast-paced, one hour shows will thrill and delight family member of all ages. All performances at the Epworth Methodist Church, 19285 Holland Glade Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


This version of the classic story premiered at RSCT in 1989 and has become a mainstay of our schedule through the years. As usual, the lovely Cinderella overcomes the trickery of her vain step-sister and makes her way to the Royal Ball and into the heart of Prince Charming. Miles, The Town Crier, and his jazzy trumpet add an extra element of humor to the festivities. And to spice things up further, there is the outrageously funny step-sister, Delmarva!


When a lazy young lad tries to polish a moldy old lamp, he suddenly comes face to face with the all-powerful Jane the Genie. Aided by the genie’s magic, Aladdin sets out to win the hand of the beautiful princess. His plans are foiled by the evil sorceress, Sofari-Sobadi, who steals the lamp. With the help of Jane’s enthusiastic apprentice, Mr. Green Genie, the lamp is recovered and the two lovers are happily united.

Androcles and the Lion

An unhappy slave runs away from his cruel master and meets a fierce lion in the dark woods. The lion is in great pain from a thorn in his paw. Instead of running away, Androcles pulls the thorn and the two become fast friends. But then, Androcles is captured and thrown into the arena to be eaten by hungry lion. To his surprise and relief the lion is his friend from the forest. The two then go off to lead a life of friendship and freedom in this version of Aesop’s famous fable.